Welcome at BeeBright!

BeeBright stands for following for your passion, for that what makes you radiate energy and which will make your eyes sparkle. All this in the context of your environment. Because we are very connected to and dependent on our environment.

Why Bee?

Bee, of course, has a double meaning. Firstly, Bee stands for Being. At BeeBright you learn that you are good enough just the way you are, you can just be. The path is the goal. In our society, we mainly run to the next test, the next study, the next job, the next outing, the next vacation and the next purchase. And in the end, it looks like we’re running towards a climate catastrophe. But how do you actually feel in the now? What thoughts do you have? And what does that do to you? And what are your needs? How can you just be in the now? How can you ensure that you do not get stressed by the climate problem, but also do not put it away?

Bee also stands for bees. We need bees and other insects for (healthy) food and a beautiful, resilient nature. Bees stand for inspiration and connection, because they move from flower to flower and give all those flowers the opportunity to bloom. Bees enable biodiversity, one of the most important aspects of a resilient ecosystem. The idea of ​​BeeBright is therefore to inspire and to plant seeds and thus give people the opportunity to bloom. Everyone has his/her/their own added value. The fact that we can work together with people who are different is precisely what makes an interdisciplinary team / group powerful. In addition, bees make honey as a by-product. Because if you are in your power, making beautiful things will come naturally. And a lot of beautiful things are already happening, every day! There are many inspiring initiatives, books, people, podcasts etc. that are worth getting to know!

Why Bright?

Bright means: radiant (light), sparkling, happiness, illustrious, glorious, beautiful, lively, cheerful, intelligent, clever, auspicious, dazzling (being), brilliant, luminous, bright, resplendent, glowing. We have the best effect when everyone is in their power. Not everyone has to protest or become a lawyer or energy consultant to contribute to the climate problem, or make the world a more peaceful place. BeeBright helps you to find the positive sides of yourself, while also opening yourself up to the world around you. This can be quite a challenge! How do you ensure that you feel that the path you are walking is meaningful and fulfilling? How can you be in the now and still keep an eye on the future?

What does BeeBright do?

As a trainer and (walking) coach I help people understand how they are connected to the world around them, to help them find their own way in it. You can opt for workshops in groups or for individual coaching.