Workshop sessions

The workshops that I give are always interactive and can be adapted to the specific interests and background of the participants. The most important thing during the workshop is that the participants learn or improve their skills and that they can share their experiences and thoughts, so that that grow. I facilitate that process, but never claim to have the truth. Therefore, there is a lot of room for flexibility and creativity. Also, the knowledge or experience of a group does not have to be at one level. It is interesting when you discover in your team that someone already knows a lot about certain topics and that you can help each other. I greatly appreciate input from the participants and I like it when participants there are participate who know more about certain topics than I do. That way it always remains varied and interesting for me to give workshops! Especially as this field is so broad and developing so fast, that it is impossible to know all about it.

As I like to work together, I am also interested in inviting other speakers or trainers into my workshops to make it even more inspiring, interesting, creative or practical. And even better adapted to the interests of the group. Also, the location of the workshop can add an extra dimension to the thematics and I am always op to, together with the organizers, think about the best options.

System thinking and sustainability
* What is actually really sustainable? (including basic ecology)
* Connecting our body and our environment
* Circular economy
* Bioeconomy
* Sustainable farming systems

* Tasty vegetarian and seasonal food
* Sustainable living

* How do you deal with a changing world?
* How do you become a Cha(i)nge maker?
* Dreaming and visualizing about our future