Workshop day / weekend / series

In order to go into all those topics related to sustainability one or two workshops is not enough. Do you want to dive deeper? Then a day, weekend or maybe even a series is a better option for you. As always, depending on your interest, the workshopsseries can be adapted. Standard is the following:

What does sustainability mean to me?

In groups of 5-10 people, we will work on different sides of the sustainability theme. Especially the themes that are close to us. Such as our immediate environment, our diet, our circle of influence and the next steps you can take. The goal of this training is to get better in touch with your feelings and better connect with nature. Instead of half a day or 1 day, it can also be a weekend or a series of several evenings/afternoons/days. Then we can go deeper into the themes and add more topics that are specifically interesting for your group. The day will be interactive, the food local and organic. Do you want to sign up with a group? Then the content of the day can be tailored to your needs.

As I like to work together, I am also interested in inviting other speakers or trainers into my workshops to make it even more inspiring, interesting, creative or practical. And even better adapted to the interests of the group. Also, the location of the workshop can add an extra dimension to the thematics and I am always op to, together with the organizers, think about the best options.

Themes of the series:

  1. Moving for a better world
    • Here we get acquinted with our five (or six 😉 ) senses and experience our surroundings. Also, we will learn how a better idea of what your body experiences can help you become more effective in walking your path.
  2. Basic ecology
    • Here we will become acquainted with the basic principles of ecology, so that we can better assess what is really sustainable and what smells more like “green washing”.
  3. Tasty vegetarian food
    • Delicious vegetarian food can be a challenge, together we will make a very tasty vegetarian meal that we will eat together.
  4. Resilient and sustainable lifestyle
    • The theme of sustainability can be quite heavy. In this part of the day we will look at ways to deal with this in a positive way.
  5. What now?
    • We are now going to draw up or write down a number of concrete follow-up steps and see how we can help each other with this.


“Impressive that everyone participated really well, listened to each other, supported each other, respectful, fruitful and constructive debates (…) I want to organize events like this at my own local.” – participant workshopseries for AEGEE

“I feel more motivated about being more sustainable and having good practices related to it during my daily life. It was very nice combining some activities in the nature and having the workshops there. Also, it’s so good to share this knowledge & motivation within our group. It has made me more motivated also about reading upon it & try to raise awareness not only individually, but also in my local.” – participant workshopseries for AEGEE