Dance Freely

Dancing is the way to express those feelings that are difficult or impossible to put into words. Feelings are the impulse to bring your body into motion. But we have largely forgotten this language. From an early age I hear people around me say that they like to dance, but can’t and so only step on the dance floor when they have a lot of alcohol in their blood.

The result is that we hold back a lot when it comes to dancing. And that’s a shame, because dance is the ultimate way to release stress, fear, sadness and also express pleasure and joie de vivre. If we don’t express those emotions, we will suffer from all kind of physical ailments.

Dancing is also an opportunity to connect with other people. You are in contact with each other without words, the atmosphere of the music creates space to create a unique dance together. With dance we can reach a depth that words cannot touch.

So let’s shake ourselves lose, let’s relearn the language of dance and allow ourselves to experience that what has been hidden until now.

During a “Dance Freely” session I will take you on a journey through your own body. With curiosity we will discover where there is movement and with the music we will bring ourselves into flow.

Dance sessions can be done individually or in a group. With inspiration from modern dance, contemporary dance, hip-hop, salsa, afro, folk dance, ecstatic dance, 5 rhythms and more, we will create our own style during each session.

We can go as deep as you want, we will coordinate this together in advance. During the session I will also respond to the (group) dynamics.

From a lighter version during a birthday party or work trip, to a deeper session at a festival, retraite or individual coaching session, everything is possible! No dance experience is necessary and neither is a certain level of fitness. You can also participate if you are in a wheelchair!

I will prepare a music list in advance, but feel free to bring in your own music to complete the list!